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Auctm's Parent Company, SquadStack Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding

Series A Round

Our parent company, SquadStack, a San Francisco & New Delhi based sales acceleration startup has raised $5 million in a Series funding round led by Chiratae Ventures (formerly IDG Ventures). We will use the funds to grow Auctm, the ultimate business management solution for real estate teams.

Auctm helps real estate teams across the U.S. take a data-driven approach to making key business decisions. It enables brokers to optimize their time and capital while increasing revenue, cutting costs, and improving agent training and retention. Auctm is a comprehensive solution which integrates transaction, CRM, and accounting-related data into a smart decision engine and uses AI-driven algorithms to generate analytics and insights that help team leaders, brokers, and managers accurately assess and improve business performance.

The story behind rebranding

Back in 2018, we launched operations under the ‘SquadVoice’ brand and were largely successful in helping real estate teams across the U.S. improve the efficiency of their sales funnel by analyzing the lead pool in their CRM to identify ‘old yet hot’ leads and providing rich analytics for team management and accountability. In order to continue solving key problems in a post-COVID world, we've rebranded to ‘Auctm’ and have improved our product offering, while retaining the core vision of helping power high-growth, technology and data-enabled brokerages for the future. Derived from the Latin word ‘Auctus’, Auctm signifies infinite growth. The main focus behind the rebranding was to create an identity that was consonant with our revamped product offering.

The birth of an idea

While working with some of the largest real estate teams over the past couple of years, we got an in-depth view of the transformation taking place in the real estate industry. After conversations with over 500 real estate leaders, we realized that while decision-makers needed better analytics, they were overwhelmed with data fatigue and spending time on multiple dashboards. Based on these learnings, we set a goal of building a system that could turn data into intelligence so that brokers and managers could get the right visibility, avoid decision fatigue, and focus on high leverage activities like hiring and growth, while always being in control. These developments came at a time when teams across the industry were looking at solutions to help them improve profitability and efficiency.

From iteration to excellence

To cater to this burgeoning demand, whilst being at the forefront of innovation in a post-COVID world, we launched Auctm as a business management platform for broker teams. Its core benefits include:

  • Key Business Alerts

Get alerts when key metrics are out of place so you can focus on taking action

  • Analyze Cause and Effect

Know key reasons for metrics being out of place, so you can focus on fixing performance.

  • Communicate with Agents

Promptly engage with agents from within the system so insights and coaching opportunities aren’t lost

  • Track Changes in Key Metrics

Bookmark key metrics and track progress so you can focus on outcomes that matter, without getting lost in dashboards

We’re grateful to everyone who believed in our vision of a data-driven future and are incredibly excited to move forward in this new phase of our journey to make a positive impact in the real estate community. To our customers (whom we like to call partners), we promise that our vision to make your lives easier by providing the best quality products will never change.

- Apurv Agrawal, CEO at Auctm

About Auctm

Auctm (formerly SquadVoice US) is the ultimate business management platform for real estate teams that helps them grow efficiently by using data science to provide actionable insights. It helps broker teams increase revenue, cut down on costs, and improve agent training and retention. Our key features include agent performance management, revenue tracking, profitability management, goal tracking, pipeline management, and insights for key decisions. Auctm is a part of the sales acceleration startup, SquadStack (founded in 2015) who’s mission is to build high-quality products that help businesses worldwide grow more efficiently.

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