Building High-Growth
Broker Teams

Effort and Deals

Analyze your team’s overall effort and deal pipeline

At a glance, see your team's activity including the leads they've worked, the effort they’ve put in, appointments, pendings, closings, and commissions in a timeframe.

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Agent 1-1s and Coaching

Run regular data-driven 1-1’s with individual agents

See agent-level metrics for lead connectivity and effort on calls. Inspect their pipeline changes, analyze their deals, and more. Plus, you can personalize coaching for agents by viewing key performance indicators and comparing with the rest of the team.

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Conversion Quadrant

Segment agents based on conversion rates and lead distribution

This quadrant helps you segment agents based on their leads taken and conversion rates for any lead source or timeframe. You can optimize conversions and profitability by identifying which agents could be given more leads, have their leads taken away, or need more coaching.

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Pipeline Inspection

Analyze how new leads flow in your CRM and track conversions

Better understand your CRM pipeline based on agent-wise metric for leads added and stages they moved across multiple lead sources and timeframes. You can identify chokepoints and prevent leads from falling through the cracks, improving conversions.

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Lead Connectivity

Analyze and improve how your team is connecting  with new leads

Quickly analyze the calls-per-lead, connectivity rate, and speed-to-lead of your agents.  You can determine which agents have the best connectivity, who needs to improve, and why they’re behind.

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