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Frequently Asked Questions


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Which CRMs do you integrate with?

Currently, we directly integrate with FollowUpBoss but plan to open integrations for all CRMs soon. If you use another CRM, we would still urge you to get a demo to see the benefits of Auctm so we can rally your CRM for an integration :)

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How do you integrate our transactions?

We can integrate transactions via spreadsheets. If you have any specific integration requirements, please let our team know and we’ll figure out the best path possible.


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Is there a free trial?

For initial users, we charge for our onboarding and training, but the software is free to use for the first 6 months. Our ‘success’ teams will spend a considerable amount of time to integrate your data and be in the loop, so you’re set up for success with Auctm.

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Is there a contract?

We’re currently offering a 6-month engagement plan where the product subscription is free. However, we charge you a one-time fee for our engagement services to work closely with your team, enabling you to move towards data-driven success.

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Is there any setup fee?

Yes, we charge a setup fee but the product is free to use for the first 6-months.


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Is my data secure?

We understand how important your data is. We sign NDAs to ensure that your database is secure, and also have systems in place to limit visibility. Our value comes from data analysis, for which we need a certain level of access. We can share additional information over our demo call.

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What kind of access do you need for our systems?

To create a single source of truth for your business that gives you a complete 360 degree view, we integrate your CRM, transactions, lead, and accounting related data. You can choose not to integrate something but that may affect specific functionality of the product.

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How do I contact support?

You can write to us at

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SquadRun Inc.
340 S Lemon Avenue 1373, Walnut
CA - 91789

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